Stay in shape with my daily, dryland workouts for swimmers!
Social Distancing & Can't Swim?
Starting tomorrow (3/18/20) at 1:30PM EST, I will be going LIVE with a daily, 30 min. dryland workout for YOU!

All you will need is some space in your home, an internet connection, a water bottle, and running shoes.

If you have resistance bands, a yoga mat, foam roller, or any sort of dumbbells--get them out! All exercises will be modified to fit someone being home in social isolation!

Ideally, these dryland workouts are for swimmers ages 10 years and older. Feel free to join even if you have younger ones with parental supervision!
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Get STRONGER, while staying HEALTHY!
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More on Coach Abbie:
  • 6x Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • USA Swimming Certified Coach
  • ASCA Level 2
  • Masters Swimming Level 2
  • Swimmer at the University of Georgia
  • NCAA Team Champions + Qualifier
  • SEC Team Champions + Finalist
  • NSCA CSCS and CPT Certified
  • Masters of Science in Strength and Conditioning
  • Worked with multiple Olympians!
Warm Up:
3x 20 Jumping Jacks
10 air squats
5 in. Worms

3x20 seconds of sleep stretch on each side
Hip Opener on Both Sides
Downward Dog
Camel Pose
Thoracic Spine Mobility

Upper Body Work:
10 push-ups
10 rows (each arm)—use something heavy (detergent bottle, milk jug with sand, paint cans, dog food, bag of potatoes)
10 shoulder taps (avoid hip movement)

Lower Body Work:
10 reverse lunges + Hops (5 each leg)
6 Plank Rotations on each side 
50 Mountain Climbers

Heart Rate Jack:
10 Burpees
10 Lateral Hops
:45 Flutter Kicks

You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!
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